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A equipe de assessoria da Frontera é composta por profissionais com mais de três décadas de experiência, assessorando alguns do maiores e mais conhecidos investidores e empresas que operam na América Latina e no Caribe.
  • By Victorino Bernal & Alex Trueba With a bevy of strong, emerging economies, technological advances and unceasing globalization, Latin America continues to be an attractive destination for companies seeking expansion and growth.  Over the last 40 years, investors have been steadfast in entering the market......

  • By Henry Martell & Chris Hernandez Sales of electric vehicles (EVs) in Latin America have been rising at an unprecedented rate. The need to attain sustainable transportation addressing future energy requirements has played a significant role in driving EV demand in the region. Countries such......

  • By Christopher Hernandez & Amanda Perez Stagflation is a worldwide epidemic which has hit particularly hard Latin America and the Caribbean (“LAC”). Prospects for any substantial improvement over the next two years are dim. The Global Economic Prospects report of June 2022 highlights the precarious......