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A equipe de assessoria da Frontera é composta por profissionais com mais de três décadas de experiência, assessorando alguns do maiores e mais conhecidos investidores e empresas que operam na América Latina e no Caribe.
  • Latin America has been one of the hardest-hit regions by COVID-19, with five countries (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru) each surpassing or expected to surpass 1 million cases. As of September, Latin America accounted for 28% of worldwide infections and 34% of deaths, while......

  • Regional Overview: Latin America has emerged as one of the most uniquely challenged regions in the face of the emergence of COVID-19. As countries across the region prepare to reopen, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the virus has not even reached the......

  • Latin America 2020 Outlook   After a tumultuous end to 2019, Latin America faces a variety of obstacles as the region attempts to return to the prosperity experienced during the commodities boom. Analysts expect improved growth numbers compared to last year, though the region will......