Mergers & Acquisitions


Managing cross-border mergers and acquisitions requires specialized skills and experienced insight. Finding, analyzing, valuing, and closing transactions in Latin America and the Caribbean requires established local networks, in-depth understanding of local operating environments and cultures, and seasoned negotiating expertise.



Frontera works with investors to find and evaluate unique investment opportunities by accessing its strong network of legal and financial advisors, business leaders, and government officials. We gain a careful understanding of an investor’s acquisition objectives before identifying investment opportunities. Frontera thoroughly probes a target’s financial and operational capabilities before presenting it to potential buyers.


Latin American and Caribbean Companies

With our seasoned experience advising investors from the United States, Europe, and Asia, we offer Latin American and Caribbean companies valuable insight on attracting foreign capital. We know the expectations of foreign investors and creditors and can provide a realistic perspective on how to position the company, manage the capital raising process, and conduct effective negotiations to realize maximum value for local owners.



The value expectations of a merger or acquisition can only be realized through effective planning, integration, and implementation. Frontera’s senior professionals have managed numerous acquisitions in Latin America and can provide an independent, unbiased approach to creating a successful transaction by overseeing the integration process and monitoring its results.