Turnaround & Restructuring


Frontera has seasoned experience in managing turnarounds of Latin American and Caribbean companies. We address the needs of creditors, private equity investors, and family owners in seeking solutions that preserve company value while fostering the interests of all stakeholders. Our focus on open communications and decisive decision-making, coupled with a keen sense of urgency, permits the turnaround process to move forward and achieve results. In crisis situations we develop restructuring alternatives and lead negotiations between creditors, investors and local owners.


Creditor Advisory

Frontera advises creditors during negotiations with a Latin American or Caribbean company in distress. We have vast experience in developing liquidity analyses, 13-week cash flow forecasts, loan-to-value assessments, performance reviews, and strategic alternatives/exit plans.


Company Advisory

Frontera works closely with management to address liquidity issues, revenue enhancement opportunities, cost reductions, and operating efficiencies. We develop achievable business plans, advise on optimal financing structures, and provide assistance in raising capital.


Interim Management

Frontera senior professionals are capable of assuming interim management roles, such as chief executive officer or chief financial/restructuring officer. In distressed situations, we have broad experience in managing assets in trustee/receivership matters.